How Sports Help Girls Develop Confidence

How Sports Help Girls Develop Confidence

I’ve always envied the athletic girls my entire life. They’ve always appeared to be self-assured, ready to face whatever life throws at them. They’re fit, healthy, and have confidence in themselves and their bodies that many of us don’t.

Getting your girls involved in sports at a young age is, in my opinion, a must for their future. It not only teaches them a healthy lifestyle but also instils in them a strong sense of self-worth. Whatever the sport, regular practise, exercise, and the opportunity to learn new skills keep the activity stimulating.

Body Self-Assuredness

Playing sports boosts one’s self-esteem. Practising and playing a sport like a basketball regularly teaches girls that they can rely on their bodies to perform when they are needed. Being strong, fit, and trim gives a girl confidence that she can do anything. She has the confidence in her body’s strength to go rock climbing, horseback riding, or rollerblading to school if she so desires. Furthermore, being involved in a sport helps the adolescent girl keep her figure looking great (something most of them are worried about). Her body’s strength makes her feel as if she can do anything!

Mental Self-assurance

Staying active and participating in a sport like basketball builds mental confidence as well. A girl thinking about strategy, implementing plans, and how to defeat her opponent is using her brain at all times. The more we use this mighty organ, the more powerful it becomes. This type of mental exercise strengthens the brain and naturally leads to increased confidence. A girl who feels confident while participating in sports will transfer that confidence to other areas of her life, and she will most likely feel capable of dealing with most of life’s challenges.

Being active in sports, practising, and playing games against opponents will also help a girl’s confidence in her spirit. Being successful – whether it’s winning the game or getting out on the court or field and giving it her all (and knowing she did) regardless of the final score – will boost a girl’s confidence. Setting a goal for herself, the athletic girl takes pride in achieving that goal, which builds her spirit confidence – she believes in herself and what she is capable of. She will gain confidence as she progresses through the levels of play at the YMCA.

Sports can provide all of these benefits to our girls. In a society that is becoming increasingly sensitive to obesity and all of the emotional ramifications that come with it. Getting our daughters, sisters, nieces, and friends involved in athletic activities will help combat this and lead to more muscular, healthier, and, most importantly, confident girls.

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